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About Let's go Southall

Let’s Go Southall is a local initiative to get the town of Southall more physically active. Funded by Sport England and driven by Ealing Council, we have brought together local community groups, businesses, faith groups, charities, volunteers and a variety of service providers (including the NHS) to help people in Southall to get moving.

One of the most ethnically diverse towns in the UK, Southall has a real sense of community and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. We’re harnessing that passion and energy to help the community develop its own long-term solutions, helping people to make lasting changes to their lifestyles through a local support network and meaningful, personal connections.

The programme is not about simply providing new sports facilities or services. It’s a co-designed approach that empowers Southall residents – through providing skills, knowledge and resources – to make a lasting change, based on true human insight.

Active Communities Team Registration & PAR-Q

The Active Communities Team is made up of 5 sub-groups which cater for the different demographics within Southall. Each group has unique challenges contributing to the barriers to exercise and as such our Super Organisers find tailored solutions to help get them mobilised.


Forever Young

Girl Power

Happy Families

Men Active


  • A2Dominion
  • Better
  • Brentford FC Community Sports Trust
  • Cape Project
  • Catalyst Gateway Certitude
  • Danone
  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Ealing Council
  • Ealing Mencap
  • Ealing Community and Voluntary Service
  • Everyone Active
  • Featherstone High School
  • Good Gym
  • Gosad
  • London Grid for Learning
  • London Sport
  • London Tigers
  • Neighbourly Care
  • North West London NHS Trust
  • Southall Community Alliance
  • Sport England
  • Sportworks Ltd
  • Transport for London
  • University College London
  • University of West London
  • UsCreates
  • West London College
  • West London Mental Health Trust