Help me get more active

There are so many ways in which you can become more active – and you don’t have to wear lycra and trainers! It could be as simple as going for a walk, joining in a community project or getting your family and friends together to head to the park. Let’s Go Southall brings together a wide variety of activities throughout Southall, so why not join in, meet new people, have fun and get fit!

Why is it important?

Staying healthy and well is vital in ensuring you, and your family, lead a happy and fulfilling life. By actively managing your health and wellbeing, and taking early action, you can prevent your health and wellbeing from deteriorating.

Those who are physically active are more likely to stay fit and healthy for longer. Half of all women and a third of all men are thought to be damaging their health through inactivity, which has a major impact on communities.

How can I get more active?

Physical activity includes anything that raises your heart rate and makes you slightly out of breath, including things like fast walking, using the stairs instead of the lift, gardening and doing heavy household chores.

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